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Down · the · Rabbit-hole

The official ridiculously-detailed episode recaps - s1

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Since the official site is now more, I thought I'd repost the episode recaps here. They are ridiculously detailed, and therefore hugely spoilery. Here's season one:

E P I S O D E 101

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Bruce McDonald

Today is defence lawyer Alice De Raey’s first day at Old City Hall. A focused, intelligent 26-year old, Alice is not quite prepared for the task that lies before her. Her boss James Ryder is supposed to show her around, but he is nowhere to be found. Alice seeks legal aid training from experienced Duty Counsel Zona Robinson. Zona, who is too busy, refuses. Alice must learn the job on the fly.

Alice finds her first client, Mr. Orsos, in Bail Court standing before Crown David Kaye, Duty Counsel Michael Page and Justice of the Peace Margaret Chan. Crown Kaye informs Alice that Mr. Orsos is charged with a serious assault. Alice is confused – Mr. Orsos is up for a minor matter involving a dispute with his cousin, not a serious assault. Alice manages to ascertain that Crown Kaye is referring to the wrong accused – a man named “Orkos”, not “Orsos”. Alice insists that Crown Kaye has the incorrect criminal record before him – “Orkos” has a long list of prior charges, but “Orsos” claims to have no record. The matter is held down so things can be sorted out.

But instead of being returned to the cells, Mr. Orsos is taken directly to Plea Court. On her way to find him, Alice meets defence lawyer Elliot Sacks. Presiding over plea court, Judge Serkies listens to the arguments of federal Crown Pamela Menon. Next, the matter of Mr. Orsos comes before the court. But Mr. Orsos is panicked and frightened and before he knows it (and before Alice knows it) the matter is traversed to Mental Health Court. On her way to Mental Health Court, Alice meets Mrs. Orsos, who informs her that Mr. Orsos’ cousin is present and has agreed to withdraw his complaint.

Zona introduces Alice to her second client, Mr. Tong. Mr. Tong is accused of assaulting his bruised wife Mrs. Tong. The entire Cantonese Tong family is present. Mrs. Tong wants to post bail, but because she is the complainant she cannot. The Tong daughters are angry and do not want their father released. Zona advises Alice that she may be able to get Mr. Tong released if one of the daughters agrees to take him in.

Alice clears up the confusion with Mr. Orsos in Mental Health Court and Justice Malone sends the matter back to Bail Court. Crown Kaye will later agree to let Mr. Orsos out on bail. Before leaving Mental Health Court, Alice finds Mr. Jackson, her third client of the day, a homeless man running in a municipal by-election charged with public mischief for trying to steal his opponent’s placards. If Mr. Jackson returns the placards, the charges will be dropped. But Mr. Jackson refuses on principle, claiming that his opponent is a “Nazi”. The matter is held down but he will ultimately be released.

Alice heads to the cells to meet with Mr. Orsos and finds instead Mr. Orkos, who has just arrived from the Don Jail. Mr. Orkos pleads guilty for assaulting his physically disabled landlord and is sentenced to 18 months.

Alice, standing in the hallway, is aghast to see Mr. Orsos shackled and being led with a line of prisoners into a paddy wagon while a surprised Mr. Orkos walks out of Old City Hall a free man.

Alice returns to her office and finds senior partner James Ryder. Rumour is that James has suffered a nervous breakdown and has been instructed to take a sabbatical. When James rises to leave, he is naked from the waste down. Alice is shocked. The rumours are true.

E P I S O D E 102

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Bruce McDonald

Alice listens to Ayesha, the 18-year old girlfriend of her client Darwin, charged with domestic assault. Ayesha says the whole thing was her fault – she pulled a knife on Darwin. But Alice shrugs, with domestic assault the complaint cannot be withdrawn.

In Plea Court Elliot acts for Roger Morgan, a one-legged Jamaican man charged with assaulting and threatening the three women who teased him about his disability.

Alice finds Ayesha arguing with Marcia, Darwin’s second girlfriend. Darwin is in love with Marcia but supports Ayesha because of their 16-month old son. Ayesha and Marcia bicker over Darwin’s love. Plus, they both depend on him for financial support. Alice then tells Darwin about Ayesha’s confession. But Darwin is adamant – he doesn’t care, he just want to plead guilty and take the jail time. Crown Kaye refuses to let Darwin serve his sentence on weekends.

Alice acts for Ms Keeler, accused of assaulting three staff members at a shelter. Ms Keeler argues that they withheld her lithium and ignored her diabetes. Dr. Neuman, the Court Psychiatrist, states that a hospital bed will not be available for three weeks. Judge Malone suggests that she stay with her family until a bed opens up but Ms Keeler refuses. Alice asks Nancy to find Janet’s parents.

In Bail Court, Alice represents Paul Robichaud, a deaf and illiterate man arrested for stealing a pair of $30 shoes in the Dufferin Mall. The Court sign-language interpreter will not be available for one week. Crown Menon wants Robichaud to wait. Alice pleads for the opportunity to find a private sign-interpreter and puts Nancy on the case. Nancy returns with a student sign-interpreter who cannot sign effectively with Mr. Robichaud, who might be signing in another language. To Alice’s dismay, Mr. Robichaud must wait a week in jail.

Ben and Brenda Keeler meet Alice to discuss their daughter Janet. The Keelers are apprehensive about taking their daughter home but frustrated with the system that has continued to spit her out. Still, they agree to try.

Alice has lunch with Michael, Elliot and (sleek defence lawyer) Anthony Davis. She listens to their impressive war stories.

In Plea Court, despite Alice’s advice, Darwin begs for jail time. Ayesha becomes incensed. How is she supposed to live? But Marcia is more supportive of Darwin. Marcia and Ayesha shout at each other. Now everybody understands why Darwin wants to go to jail.

Back in Mental Health Court, the Keelers admit to being afraid of caring for their daughter and of having called the police on their daughter in the past. Ms. Keeler refuses to leave with her parents and as they argue it is not clear who, if anyone, is really the villain. Eventually they reach a point of resolution and Ms Keeler agrees to leave with her parents.

E P I S O D E 103

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Bruce McDonald

Alice’s client Lisa is an ex-heroin addict now trying to rescue her 8-year-old daughter from her drug-addict father Ronnie. While searching for her daughter, Lisa stormed into her daughter’s school and assaulted a teacher and the arresting officer.

Elliott meets with flaky Tina, the teenage girlfriend of his client Robbie. Elliot has serious concerns over how effective Tina will appear to the Court as a potential surety for Robbie.

In Bail Court, Alice represents Edward Aranas, arrested while running around his apartment building with a knife screaming about being a “terror” and “blowing up” the building. Crown Kaye suspects Mr. Aranas of being a terrorist. Alice has been unable to get Mr. Aranas to speak, he has been crying constantly, and she suggests that it may have been attempted “suicide-by-police”. J.P. Chan agrees to traverse the matter to Mental Health Court.

Elliot meets with Robbie, a spoiled rich kid, in for beating a man unconscious in a dispute over a parking spot. Elliot doesn’t feel confident with Tina as surety, but Robbie is adamant. Tina helps him with his part-time drug dealing business; she’s “reliable”. Elliot shudders.

Crown Menon agrees to drop Lisa’s assault charges if she pleads to the abduction charge, but Alice knows this will jeopardize Lisa’s chances at custody. Billy, Ronnie’s drug addict friend, will not testify on her behalf. Alice knows that Lisa’s only defence is to prove that she was acting to protect her daughter from Ronnie’s drug problem. Nancy must beg Billy to testify.

Alice interviews Mr. Aranas’ mother, who does not know why her son, who has no criminal record, went berserk. The brother arrives and argues mysteriously with the mother.

In Bail Court, the dim Tina testifies ineptly as Robbie’s surety and bail is denied.

Nancy returns with Billy. Billy doesn’t want to betray his friend but Lisa reminds him that the life of her daughter is at stake. Billy relents. He will testify that Lisa’s ex-husband is a junkie. Crown Menon agrees to consider the new information.

His opportunity to make bail squandered, Elliot advises Robbie on his options: wait three of four months for his trial or plead guilty. Terrified of jail, Robbie is incredulous.

In Mental Health Court, Dr. Neuman wonders if Mr. Aranas (who is still unresponsive) is faking mental disability. Mr. Aranas’ family appears and the truth emerges: Mr. Aranas caught his brother and his wife in bed together and now, as a result, wants to die. Judge Malone orders that Mr. Aranas get help from people who deal in this kind of trauma.

Elliot pleads Robbie guilty. Robbie apologizes to the Court but can’t help sounding like a spoiled racist and only aggravates his case further. He is sentenced to ninety days in jail.

Back in Plea Court, Crown Menon and Alice negotiate: Menon will drop the abduction charge if Lisa pleads to two assault charges. The unpredictable Judge Fraser intervenes: hearing that Lisa acted for her child’s safety, he demands the Crown withdraw the charges. Menon is outraged, but Judge Fraser is adamant. He gives Lisa a conditional discharge and then lectures Crown Menon about bringing a little common sense back to the law.

P I S O D E 104

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Keith Behrman

Police lead 20-year old Malcolm Steves, a huge man with the mind of a 6 year-old, into Old City Hall. Alice meets with Malcolm’s parents. Judge Malone in Mental Health Court sees that, due to his genetic disorder, Malcolm should not be in custody. The Crown is prepared to release Malcolm, but his parents cannot handle him. Malcolm’s social worker Shirley stands. Malcolm’s condition (“Fragile-X Syndrome”) makes him very difficult to place. He is constantly hungry and lashes out violently when he is scared and confused. The only institution capable of caring for Malcolm is in York South but, because Malcolm is not a York South resident, budgetary restraints prevent him from being transferred there. Nobody in the system will foot the bill. Judge Malone calls for Shirley’s boss Simon Freed to appear before the Court. Judge Malone is going to help cut through the bureaucracy.

James Ryder is meeting with his client Allan Gold, on trial today for sexual assault. Having recently suffered a mental breakdown, James is unstable. Alice agrees to run the Allan Gold sexual assault trial with James’ “help”. Allan is accused of sneaking into victim Tara Curtis’ bed while she was sleeping and sexually assaulting her. Allan argues that he was “invited” by Tara’s boyfriend, who was sleeping in bed beside her. Alice doesn’t believe Allan and is hesitant to represent him.

Elliot meets with his Spanish client Sergio Diaz and Claudia Ortega, the sexy female Spanish interpreter. Sergio is charged with domestic assault. Elliot flirts with Claudia while she translates.

Alice examines witness Cory, Tara Curtis’ boyfriend. Alice argues that while Cory did not overtly invite Allan to have sex with Tara, the invitation was implicit.

Zona interviews Donna, a 19-year old Native diabetic drug addict prostitute in on a weapon’s charge, who is reluctant to go through Native Diversion or to enter rehabilitation. Appearing in Plea Court, Donna asks the Court to stop trying to rehabilitate or help her. She’d rather be left alone. She then collapses from lack of insulin.

Bureaucrat Simon Freed appears before Judge Malone to discuss Malcolm Steves. Mr. Freed does not have the authority okay Malcolm’s transfer and is dispatched to collect his boss, Liza Vernon.

Tara Curtis admits while on the witness stand that she danced suggestively and flirted with Allan. She also admits that, after climbing in bed with her, he stopped as soon as she asked. However, Tara she did not at any point invite Allan into bed. When Allan is cross-examined by Crown Kaye, he admits that he “snuck” into bed, which implies that he was not invited. Allan is given a conditional sentence of 18 months for sexual assault.

Elliot’s client Sergio appears before Judge LeClerc in Plea Court. Sergio does not trust the Spanish interpreter Claudia and yells at her rudely. Elliot resigns as Sergio’s lawyer in protest. Later, Elliot and Claudia make-out in Elliot’s car.

Bureaucrat Liza Vernon arrives and is asked by Judge Malone to help Malcolm . She is sympathetic, but insists that the matter is up to her boss, Mr. Solnicki. Judge Malone rolls his eyes. Nancy finds Mr. Solnicki, who desperately doesn’t want to lose the 90 thousand dollars from his budget but, according to Judge Malone, has no choice but to do it.

E P I S O D E 105

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Keith Behrman

Alice represents Patrick and Joelle Bellamy. On a flight to Toronto from Montego Bay, their luggage was confiscated and found to contain a significant amount of cocaine. They have two young children, temporarily living with their neighbour. Patrick and Joelle admit their guilt to Alice. They are not drug dealers, but times have been tough and they needed to make some extra cash. There is no surety and the chances for bail look slim. Joelle asks Alice to check on their children. Alice meets with Federal Crown Portella, who wants to throw the book at the Bellamys.

Elliot begins his trial on behalf of Marsha Flutie. Marsha is accused of robbing her boss Tony Fiorito’s house and hog-tying him naked to Anna Dryden, his female interior designer. Marsha insists that Tony paid her to do it so he could get close to Anna. Curiously, Tony and Anna are now romantically involved.

Alice appears in Plea Court on behalf of Mr. Bayat, who requests a Farsi translator, and is accused of stalking two women. The matter is sent to Mental Health Court.

Elliot cross-examines Anna Dryden. To set up Marsha’s defence, Elliot questions Anna about her relationship with Tony, which has gone from business to personal since the break-in. Later, also under cross-examination, Tony refuses to admit that he paid Marsha to orchestrate the event.

Alice advises the Bellamy’s to pick one person to accept blame for the drug deal. That way, the other can stay out of jail and care for their kids. Each of the Bellamys volunteers to take the heat. Meanwhile, their neighbour refuses to continue looking after the children.

Mr. Bayat appears in Mental Health Court, saying only that he “misses his women”. Dr. Neuman has learned that Mr. Bayat suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, stemming from an incident in his native Afghanistan. He is released, and asked to sign a restraining order and to report for regular counselling at Mt. Sinai.

Under direct examination Marsha describes the instructions Tony gave her in planning the break-in/hogtie. When she mentions that Tony insisted that his hands be tied firmly to Anna’s naked behind, Anna, shocked, begins to cry. Familiar with Tony’s sexual proclivities, Anna now believes that Tony set the whole thing up. Marsha pleads to the assault and gets a criminal discharge. Anna is seen hysterically breaking up with Tony for engineering the break-in.

Nancy returns with the Bellamy kids. Crown Portella offers a plea on the drug charge: Patrick does 3 years and Joelle gets a suspended sentence. Patrick will be eligible for parole in 6 moths.

Alice runs into the Farsi interpreter, who is frightened: Mr. Bayat has been following her, still claiming that he “misses his women”. Alice tells Mr. Bayat to stop following women. He breaks down sobbing and describes how the Taliban murdered his wife and daughters. Alice tries to console him.

Joelle and Patrick are about to enter a plea. When Joelle sees that Patrick has been badly beaten-up while in jail, she panics and wants to recant. Alice explains that if she doesn’t let Patrick take sole responsibility, Joelle will be seriously jeopardizing the future of her children, who will be placed in foster care. Joelle agrees to let Patrick do the time.

E P I S O D E 106

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Anne Wheeler

Alice represents Dale Robertson, an arrogant stock trader charged with assault stemming from an altercation he had with a pedestrian while driving his SUV. According to Dale, the Chinese pedestrian ripped of his mirror, which caused Dale to leave his car and the fight ensued. But according to the Crown, Dale intentionally hit the pedestrian with his car. Alice visits Crown Menon, who refuses to plea and is planning on focusing on the racial epithets Dale uttered while assaulting the pedestrian.

Alice represents Leonard Taylor, a huge Native man charged with a barroom assault. Leonard wants to just plead guilty, even though his Aunt is willing to be a surety. The matter is sent to Plea Court. Naomi, the Aboriginal Court Worker, explains to Alice that Leonard was doing fine until two years ago when his father and brother were murdered. Since then he has been in and out of jail constantly.

Elliot meets with Paul De Marcoe, accused of rape. Elliot tells Crown Munoz that the complainant is lying – the police statements she gave are inconsistent and flawed. Elliot hires an actress and a private investigator. They return to Paul’s building, and the P.I. tapes the actress pretending to be raped. All of the other tenants emerge from their apartments when they hear the noise.

A witness testifies that Dale hit the pedestrian with his car, got out and began spewing racist epithets. On cross-examination, Alice suggests that the witness misinterpreted Dale’s remarks.
Alice cross-examines Chris Chew, the pedestrian hit by Dale’s SUV. She questions him about his extensive martial arts training and about belonging to Greenpeace and hating SUVs.

Judge Vaughan will not accept a guilty plea until Leonard allows Alice to advise him. Leonard’s sister Julie tells Alice that he wants to go to jail to seek revenge on the man who killed his brother and father. Alice confronts Leonard and he admits that this is true, adding that the man he intends to kill was also Julie’s abusive boyfriend.

On the witness stand, Dale argues that on the day of the incident he was under tremendous stress due to his mother’s terminal illness. He didn’t notice Chris until he hit him with his SUV. After the accident, Chris assumed a martial-arts pose. Dale admits to Crown Menon on cross that he has sought counseling for his un-healthy fear of Asians. Confronted with the aggravated brutality of the assault, Judge Fraser sentences Dale to 6 months house arrest. Dale becomes upset and turns immediately to Chris and utters another racial epithet. Judge Fraser changes the sentence to 3 months in jail.

Elliot brings his taped recreation of the rape to Crown Munoz, arguing that if the rape really occurred the way the complainant claimed, there would have been witnesses. She admits defeat.

Alice returns to Plea Court with Leonard and tells Judge Vaughan about Leonard’s history and desire for revenge. To Leonard’s dismay, Judge Vaughan gives him provincial time instead of federal time. Leonard needs to get to Millhaven, a federal prison, to find his father and brother’s killer. Leonard becomes incensed.

E P I S O D E 107

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Anne Wheeler

Before work, Alice and Nancy catch Elliot in a compromising position with Claudia Ortega in Elliot’s car.

Alice meets with Moira Dixon the mother of her client Arnelle, who is charged with abducting a baby. Ever since Arnelle was diagnosed with schizophrenia and her child taken away, she has been obsessed with taking babies. A media sensation has developed around the case. Arnelle believes she was rescuing her own baby. The matter is traversed to Mental Health.

James meets with his client Eric La Croix, charged with assaulting his bi-polar girlfriend Terri. Teri was not taking her medication, Eric became frustrated and a fight ensued. Terri was not hurt but a neighbour called the police. She wants Eric to come home.

Alice meets with her client Dr. Harold Bihari, a resident charged with threatening the death of Dr. Camden, his supervising doctor. Harold believes Dr. Camden was holding him back due to racism (he is East-Indian).

Elliot and Michael walk with Isabel and Elana, two middle-aged Spanish-speaking women who bicker continuously on their way to ask the Court for a peace-bond. Elliot advises them that they will need to stop fighting if they want the peace-bond. They are both in love with the same man and are bickering over a necklace. The peace-bond is issued and they keep arguing.

Dr. Camden testifies that Harold dealt irrationally and belligerently with the negative reviews he was receiving. Harold sent (via-email) horrible death threats to Dr. Camden about his wife and children. Under cross-examination, Dr. Camden insists to Alice that he is not a racist and that he had no personal reason to hold Harold back.

James and Nancy explain to Terri that she cannot act as Eric’s surety because of the zero-tolerance approach taken with domestic abuse. James feels tremendous sympathy for the bi-polar Terri, wishing he could help her. Eric suggests his sister as a potential surety.

Harold testifies that Dr. Camden was too hard on him and that, as a result, the livelihood of his family is threatened. He didn’t intend to hurt Dr. Camden, just to accuse him of being racist. But Crown Clark reads the threatening email, which speaks of pouring acid on Dr. Camden’s wife. Harold is given a conditional sentence and sent for counseling. He is devastated because he will not be able to get back into medical school. He confronts Dr. Camden outside the Court, who tells him to start accepting responsibility for his own actions.

In Mental Health Court, Crown Kaye wants Arnelle declared Not Criminally Responsible. Alice is opposed: she would be on probation for the rest of her life. Judge Malone sends Arnelle for a 30 day assessment. Crown Kaye is upset: Arnelle will likely end up back on the streets, not taking her meds, where she is a threat to the public. But there is nothing else Judge Malone can do: society needs to change the way it deals with schizophrenia.

Eric’s sister Susan testifies as surety. The Court will issue the bail if Eric accepts the no-contact order. James argues passionately that in this case the no-contact order is unfair. Terri needs Eric to survive, he argues, and this is not a typical case. James feels that in this case the rigid approach taken to domestic abuse is counter-intuitive. Despite his impassioned speech, J.P. Kranyck insists on the no-contact order. Deflated, James walks out of Court.

E P I S O D E 108

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Anne Wheeler

Elliot meets with Sammy Eccles, a career criminal charged with robbing a jewelry store. Later, Elliot is approached by Lana, the jeweler. She is desperate because insurance has not covered the stolen merchandise, and she wants Elliot to help get the merchandise back. Elliot visits Crown Kaye to try to make a deal. Sammy was only the lookout guy for the robbery, waiting in the car. If Sammy gets the stolen jewelry back, Kaye will offer him a decent deal.

Alice meets with Malcolm Camden and his wife Joyce. Malcolm is charged with assaulting the fathers of some little boys who were bullying his daughter Megan. At trial, Crown Munoz examines Karen, the principal of Megan’s school. Two young boys were picking on a third boy and Megan intervened. All of the parents were called to Karen’s office and when Malcolm arrived he launched an unprovoked attack. Alice cross-examines Karen on how the two young boys had a history of physically tormenting Megan. She also points out that when Malcolm arrived in Karen’s office, Megan was crying and quivering. Later, Alice examines one of the victims, who admits that Malcolm had spoken to him various times in the past to stop the boys from tormenting Megan, suggesting that Malcolm had reason to be frustrated.

Sammy tells Elliot that the stolen jewelry is with a fence. It will cost 25K to buy it back. Lana, her lawyer, and Elliot meet Sammy to buy back the jewelry. Elliot accuses Sammy of lying about the fence. If Sammy accepts the money, he probably won’t get a plea. Sammy gives Lana the jewelry back free of charge.

The homeless Mr. Jackson is representing himself on a public mischief charge. Crown Menon examines Mr. Demara, the manager of the computer store where Mr. Jackson’s incident occurred. Mr. Jackson used to visit the computer store and act as salesmen to the clientele, helping them make purchases. Mr. Demara did not want an unclean homeless man posing as an employee of his store. On one occasion Mr. Jackson was asked to leave while helping a customer. Mr. Jackson then began screaming at the customers, telling them not to shop at the store, and the police were called. Mr. Jackson questions Mr. Demara on why he refused to hire him as salesman. He suggests that not being considered for the job on the basis of his homelessness is a Charter issue; that discrimination against the homeless makes it harder for them to turn their lives around. Amazingly, Judge Fraser agrees and lets Mr. Jackson go free.

Joe Pretak represents a career drug dealer who was pulled over for speeding and unreasonably searched. The police found a significant amount of crack in the car. Joe argues racial profiling and that the system should not give up on his client, who wants to be rehabilitated. Judge Serkies is sympathetic and gives the defendant provincial time and the possibility of rehab.

Alice examines an expert witness who states that Megan’s parents felt the effects of the bullying perhaps even more than their daughter. The Camden’s did everything right to try to help their daughter – including seeking counseling – but nothing worked. They were at their wits’ end. Malcolm testifies that he felt that the only way he could protect Megan was by finally taking matters into his own hands. Judge Vaughan compares Malcom’s state of mind to “battered wife syndrome” and orders a full acquittal.

E P I S O D E 109

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Keith Behrman

Alice’s client Ron Sobie is charged with abusing and neglecting his aging father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Ron, who removed his father from a government home to care for him personally, thinks he was trying his best, but Crown Kaye thinks otherwise.

Elliot is defending Andre Tristan, a well-known artist hired to paint a mural on owner Francesco Volpe’s building. When Francesco, who hated the mural, tried to paint over it, Andre assaulted him. Elliot is planning a “freedom of expression” defence.

Alice’s client Ellie Gerard is a 65-year old crack addict charged with possession. Her older sister Marilyn arrives but refuses to be a surety – she has been through this too many times and has lost patience. Alice wonders whether Ellie is too old to get into a rehabilitation program.

Anthony’s client Samira Shirazi is charged with stealing her neighbour’s car. Her father and brother arrive as surety, but Samira panics and refuses to go with them. The matter is traversed to Mental Health. Samira’s family won’t say why she is so upset.

Crown Kaye examines a doctor who testifies that Ron was caring very ineptly for his father and that the bruises on his father’s body were likely caused by abuse. Alice cross-examines the doctor and gets him to admit that the father was taking a blood thinner which likely exaggerated the effects on the bruising.

Meanwhile, in the Andre Tristan trial, Judge Fraser does not allow Elliot to proceed with his “freedom of expression” defence.

Alice examines social worker Gladys Kelly in the Ron Sobie matter, forcing her spell out the inadequate care Alzheimer’s patients receive in public institutions. Gladys also testifies that she had no reason to suspect Ron would be unable to care properly for his father, even though she knew in advance that Mr. Sobie Sr. had violent tendencies. Ron believed he was acting in his father’s best interests by keeping him out of the public institution. Although Judge Serkies is sympathetic, Ron is convicted on conditional discharge and his father is taken away from him.

In Mental Health Court, Samira explains that she stole the neighbour’s car to get away from her brother and father, who were sending her to Pakistan to marry a 60-year old man. Judge Malone explains to Samira’s father that in Canada, he cannot force his daughter to do this.

Alice suggests a drug diversion program to Ellie, but Ellie flatly refuses. Ellie appears in Plea Court and argues that she has no desire to enter rehab and that her habit is not hurting anyone. Judge Serkies has no choice but to sentence Ellie to 30 days, knowing full well that she will be back on the street smoking crack as soon as she gets out.

With Andre Tristan on the witness stand, Elliot argues that even though the mural was on Francesco’s property, the copyright holder retains an interest in his art. Andre, therefore, was protecting his property. Judge Fraser doesn’t buy it, and Andre is sentenced to 100 hours of community service. But Elliot is happy – in his opinion he diverted the Court’s attention from the brutality of the assault, getting Andre off with a slap on the wrist.

E P I S O D E 110

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Scott Smith

Alice is representing Mark Bodine, a street-kid charged with robbery for “aggressive panhandling”. Mark followed a pedestrian, forcing him to empty the contents of his wallet. Mark is more concerned with his girlfriend Vicky, who is very pregnant. He asks if Alice will check up on her. Alice finds Vicky, who wants to lie on the witness stand on Mark’s behalf. Alice refuses this request and Vicky leaves, unwilling to see a doctor or prepare for child birth. Felix, Mark’s victim, describes how he was followed and intimidated by Mark. Alice argues that, because there was no weapon, Felix could not have been overly threatened. Mark testifies that he has tried to find work, but that nothing has worked out for him. Judge Fraser lectures Mark about assuming responsibility for his life and sentences him to 60 days. He also suggests that Children’s Aid be notified about Vicky’s imminent child birth.

Elliot meets with client Nicola Brice, an “escort” charged with sexual interference stemming from her relationship with Duncan Roane (13). Duncan was in a hospital bed recovering from tonsil surgery when he called Nicola. He told her that he was dying from cancer and wanted to have a sexual experience. Duncan waits outside the courtroom with his furious mother Sara. At trial, Duncan states that he told Nicola he was in the 11th grade and had his G-1 driver’s license (the age of consent being 14). Crown Munoz points out that Nicola did not ask to see Duncan’s I.D. Later, Elliot cross-examines Sara on her uptight views on sexuality and gets her to admit that Duncan is mature beyond his years. Nicola testifies that she had no reason to suspect that Duncan was under the age of consent. She is given 6 months probation.

Alice meets with her client Angela Patselas in for burning down her garage. Angela’s sister Chirstina arrives and tells Alice in Mental Health Court that Angela is severely traumatized by the routine physical abuse she takes from her husband in the garage. Angela is terrified that her husband will seek revenge if she tells anyone. Alice arranges for bail and Crown Lum agrees to launch an investigation into the husband. The husband arrives in the court room and panic erupts.

Zona meets with Ms Calma, in for public nudity, who insists on appearing in Mental Health Court naked. Judge Malone wants to get her help, but it will take five weeks to find a bed.

James and Nancy meet with Richie Maines a career drug-dealer charged with trafficking. Richie claims that he has been framed by the police. Richie has James and Nancy visit the seen of the crime and they now agree: due to the height of a fence near where the incident occurred, the police could not have seen what they claimed to see. Richie claims that the police pulled him over while riding his bicycle, then beat him and planted the drugs. Even though Richie has a long record, James believes his story. At trial, a policeman testifies that when he tried to give Richie a ticket for biking on the sidewalk, Richie raced away and at a certain point dumped a baggie of drugs. When the policeman tried to apprehend, Richie attacked. On cross, James uses photographic evidence to prove that, due to the height of the fence, the police could not have seen James drop a baggie of drugs. Richie testifies that he fled when the police stopped him because he’s black and discriminated against – he wanted to avoid being hassled and possibly beaten. Judge Vaughan does not buy Richie’s story and finds him guilty. James is devastated.

E P I S O D E 111

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Scott Smith

Alice meets outside Old City Hall with her client Jillian Nisker. Jillian is accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend Matt, who has now hooked up with Jillian’s former friend Erin. When Matt and Erin head up the stairs, Alice has to restrain Jillian from becoming violent.

Inside Old City Hall, Alice talks with her teenage client Kiana Lewis and Kiana’s mother Verlene. Kiana is charged with being a drug mule and Alice is advising her that if they go to trial Alice can mount a decent defense. But Verlene wants Kiana to plead guilty and argue systemic racism (Kiana is black) and perhaps the judge will go easy on her when he hears about her circumstances. Alice disagrees with this approach but Verlene wants Kiana to plead, despite Alice’s warnings.

Joe Pretak meets with the Russian Kuzmin family, who’s father is charged with assaulting his daughter Katerina, who appears before Joe now bruised and afraid. The family is very unhappy with Katerina and they tell Joe that she is responsible for the whole thing. They want to bail the father out, but Katerina is noticeably afraid. Joe takes her aside and she tells him that her family is angry with her because her boyfriend is black. Later, when the boyfriend arrives in court, the family erupts in rage and tell Katerina that if she leaves now she can never return.

Elliot meets with Rudy Hennely, a dentist caught in a vicious cycle of practical jokes that has spun dangerously and pathetically out of control. Rudy is charged with orchestrating some humiliating pranks at the expense of his dental partner, including giving him a Valium cocktail to knock him out and tying him to a dentist’s chair in diapers.

Crown Portella tells Alice that if Kiana gives him her drug source she can have a favourable plea. When Alice takes this deal to Kiana and Verlene, Verlene refuses. The reason, Alice learns, is that Verlene’s older son is the dealer and his business is supporting the family. Alice turns to Elliot and Anna-Lynn for advice about this ethical dilemma and in the end although she can’t force Kiana out of pleading guilty she decides to casually alert Portella to the brother’s drug business.

Erin takes the stand in Jillian’s trial and Crown Menon has her itemize the number of times Jillian harassed Erin and Matt. When Matt takes the stand, Alice is able to get him to admit that he was never truly afraid of Jillian and that he antagonized Jillian by moving in with her best friend. But Menon reminds the court that despite “not being afraid” Matt allowed Erin to call the police. When Jillian takes the stand she apologizes but Menon suggests that she may have a problem controlling her temper when she drinks. She is convicted and given a conditional discharge.

At Rudy’s trial, the office dental hygienist takes the stand to discuss the intense rivalry between Rudy and his partner Dr. Siracusa. Dr. Siracusa had been tormenting Rudy with a series of pranks designed to embarrass Rudy for his prostrate problems and Rudy responded in kind. When Dr. Siracusa takes the stand, Elliot questions his “playful” motivations for teasing Rudy about his prostate problems. Rudy suggests when he takes the stand that the two men were competing over the affections of the attractive young dental hygienist and that things just spun out of control. Fraser chastises both men for their immature behaviour and lets Rudy off the hook.

E P I S O D E 112

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Anne Wheeler

On her way into court, Alice passes a homeless man who opens doors for pedestrians for change. When a businessman refuses to tip the homeless man, Alice intervenes and realizes that the homeless man is Monty, one of Alice’s former law school professors. Later, Alice buys Monty a coffee and he tells her about his fall from grace.

When she gets to Old City Hall Alice finds Graham Berlett, on trial for assaulting his 4-year old son. The charge stems from an incident at a city park when Graham tried stopping his son from falling off a slide but let his fear and panic turn to rage and carelessness. Graham complains to Alice that his wife Kathy is leaving him and moving to Vancouver with their son.

Elliot meets with his client Curtis Boyd, on trial for assaulting the spoken-word artist Poppa Doggy at an outdoor concert. Standing with Elliot and Curtis is Pete Scozyk, the P.I. Elliot uses from time to time. Curtis insists that he was misidentified by the Crown’s witness and that he is completely innocent. He used to run with a bad crowd but not anymore – in fact, he was at home when the incident occurred. Pete tells Curtis that the reason the witness picked him out of a photo line-up is that she was in one of Curtis’ high school classes and she probably recognized him and inadvertently fingered him. Bad luck. “Bad luck loves me like I’m it’s mother,” Curtis sighs. When Poppa Doggy takes the stand, he claims that black people dislike him because they think as a white rapper he’s infringing on their culture (Curtis is black). However, he is not able to identify the person who attacked him, because he claims to have been grabbed from behind. When the eye witness Shaniqua is waiting in the hallway to testify, Pete pretends to make chit chat with her and asks casually if the man she ID’d is in the hallway – despite Curtis sitting nearby, Shaniqua says she doesn’t see him. When Shaniqua takes the stand, Elliot points out to her that she went to high school with Curtis. She begins laughing, remembers Curtis from French class, and immediately announces that her ID was wrong. Curtis is acquitted.

Alice meets in the cells with Mira Pashek, who is accused of assaulting the mother of her ex-boyfriend Ivan. When she broke up with Ivan and his “crazy” mother began to stalk her – Mira insists she was only defending herself. When Alice tells Mira that Ivan is here to bail her out, Mira refuses - she wants nothing to do with the mother or the son. Alice talks to Ivan briefly and immediately dislikes him but he is her only option for bail.

James meets in a cell with Gabe Michaels, a former friend. Gabe used to be an undercover cop but now he’s a drug addict with violent tendencies. He is in jail now for assaulting a drug dealer. When James leaves Gabe antagonizes a group of cellmates, hoping to start a fight.

In Graham’s trial, Kaye calls a witness who saw Graham become angry and lose his temper when his son refused to come down from a slide. When Graham reached for him the boy fell. Alice challenges this witness for her judgmental perception of Graham’s parenting abilities. Graham’s wife Kathy takes the stand and testifies to Graham’s history of losing his temper. Alice objects but loses a motion on similar fact evidence. Kathy is allowed to testify that when Graham panics he loses his composure and lets his angst turn to violence. Graham testifies that he reacted only out of concern and had no intention to harm his son. Although Judge Serkies does not have enough evidence to convict, she harshly reprimands Graham and insists that he seek treatment to deal with his volatile temper.

When Ivan shows up in bail court to act as Mira’s surety, Mira loses her temper. Alice is confused but Crown Munoz explains that Ivan actually assaulted and harassed Mira recently and Ivan is currently violating his no-contact order just by being in the courtroom. Ivan’s mother Eva enters the courtroom to find her son being arrested, and immediately begins spewing rage and threats at Mira. Terrified of Eva, Mira begs to stay in jail.

In Mental Health Court, James tells Gabe’s story. A former undercover cop, Gabe’s career ended years ago when he came face to face with a man ready to kill him. At the last second the gun jammed and although Gabe survived, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and since then his life has been in steady decline. He has left his family and let his life turn to nothing. Gabe doesn’t want to be helped, he wants to be left alone to destroy his life. But against Gabe’s wishes, James, acting on a promise he made to Gabe’s family, insists on helping. Gabe is sent away for psychological assessment.

E P I S O D E 113

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain
Directed by: Anne Wheeler

65-year old crack addict Ellie Germaine approaches Alice in a coffee shop, demanding to have Alice change her probation so she doesn’t have to continue living with her controlling sister Marilyn. When Alice refuses to help Marilyn fires her.

Alice heads to bail court to find her client Joanne Kelsey, who is accused of assaulting one of her daughter’s friends at a Chinese food restaurant. Joanne feels terrible for her behaviour and wonders if the girl is okay. Alice explains that Joanne suffers from an inoperable brain tumor that affects her judgment and behaviour and tries to have the matter traversed to 102 court. In the hallway Alice meets with Joanne’s husband Peter and her daughter Zoe, who are very worried about Joanne’s deteriorating health. Zoe in particular is beginning to lose patience with her mother’s erratic behaviour.

James is in the cells with his client Stan Puck, a career car thief. Stan tells James about his son Bucky, who Stan only met recently, and how Bucky will bail him out.. Stan beamingly tells James how excited he is that his long lost son is also a car thief. James doubts that a car thief will make a good surety, so Stan suggests that they think of Bucky as merely a “car consultant” who doesn’t have a criminal record.

Alice meets with her client Ralph Jelnyk, who is accused of assaulting the superintendent of his rooming house. Ralph is accompanied by his boyfriend Mercer Drennan who, like Ralph, is in his sixties. Ralph’s relationship with the super and the building owner went downhill when they realized that Ralph is gay. He didn’t mean to push the super down the stairs, he just let his temper slip away from him. Alice has arranged a deal with the Crown, but as a condition of the deal Ralph isn’t allowed to return to the rooming house, a place where he feels very comfortable. Ralph isn’t sure what to do, despite Mercer’s strong feeling that he should take the deal.

Elliot meets with Michelle Chovanec, a middle-aged woman accused of assaulting a tow-truck driver. Michelle tells Elliot about how she’s so sick of being treated like she’s invisible just for looking like a stressed-out single mother, which is who she is. The tow-truck driver wouldn’t be reasonable with her so she lost her temper.

At Ralph’s trial, Menon interviews the owner of the rooming house, who witnessed the assault. He explains that when the super told Ralph that he was restricted to one bag of garbage, Ralph threw the second bag at him in anger, knocking him down the stairs. On cross Alice makes it clear that the owner’s feelings for Ralph changed after he realized that Ralph was gay. Alice also questions the owner’s many building violations, accusing the owner of being a “slumlord” with the super as his “muscle”. When Alice later cross-examines the super, she explains that before Mercer moved in, Ralph and the super were friends - Alice suggests that the super was tough on Ralph because he was jealous of Ralph’s relationship with Mercer. When Ralph takes the stand he is asked by Menon why, if he felt threatened and discriminated against, he didn’t just move out of the building. To everybody’s surprise, especially Mercer’s, Ralph announces that he wants to stay in the rooming house because he’s been diagnosed with colon cancer and he wants to live his remaining months in a place where he feels comfortable.

Nancy follows Bucky Puck to a hole by some railroad tracks so Bucky can “dig up” some money to bail out his father Stan. Bucky asks Nancy some suspicious questions about her car and reminds her that he’s a car “consultant” should she ever want to upgrade.

At Michelle Chovanec’s trial, the tow-truck driver is on the stand. He tells Munoz on direct that Michelle lost her temper when he refused to un-hook her car, despite the fact that she was parked illegally. On cross, Elliot challenges his credibility by pointing out that the tow-truck driver tried to extort Michelle, offering to unhook her car for a mere $50. In his closing remarks, Elliot pleads that all Michelle wanted was to be treated with dignity rather than be constantly manipulated and extorted just for trying to make her way through a busy city. Michelle gets off easy, with a conditional discharge and community service.

In Mental Health Court, Kaye is hesitant to release Joanne Kelsey given her history of violent behaviour. Corrective surgery is too dangerous and medication will be too severe. Peter refuses to dump is wife in a home, she is after all only in her early 50s, and they can’t afford the thousands of dollars a month proper home care would cost. Despite Kaye’s strong objections, Malone releases Joanne into the custody of her family because, as he sees it, she simply doesn’t belong in jail. Afterwards, teenage Zoe is angry because she knows things are only going to get worse.

James meets Stan in bail court. Nancy storms into the courtroom after Bucky and announces to James that Bucky just stole her car. Bucky claims that he and Nancy “had an agreement”. He is, after all, a car consultant. Stan realizes Bucky is in trouble, so he fakes a heart attack in the dock to create a diversion. Bucky runs away, Nancy chases after him, and Stan doesn’t get bail.

Alice and Nancy meet James on a city rooftop where they look out to Bay street and Old City Hall, blanketed by winter. James announces that they’re getting a new firm, something “closer to the ground…something without wood paneling. Wood paneling tells our clients that we’re doing a hell of a lot better than they are … We need to tell them that we’re doing just a little bit better than they are … so they have something to aim for.” Alice is surprised to see Elliot – he will be joining the new firm as well. Alice asks James if he knows what he’s doing. James says “no” and they head inside, out of the cold.
* * *