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Down · the · Rabbit-hole

...via the courts

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i just finished watching season1 dvds. does anyone know if there are plans to release season 2 or 3? if not then does anyone have them on vhs?

ho yeah i'm new. hi, i'm thomas.

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Sadly, the waybackmachine did not come through for me for all of season three, and I only found 3x09 and 3x10 of the recaps for season threeCollapse )

(If anybody else has the patience to try to dig them up, though the individual episode summary pages aren't all archived, a lot of the forum posts are, and the summaries were also posted to the forums.)

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And part two, 2x08 to 2x013, of the ridiculously detailed and hugely spoilery recaps for season twoCollapse )
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I had to split this one into two parts, so here's 2x01 to 2x07, the ridiculously detailed and hugely spoilery recaps for season twoCollapse )
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Since the official site is now more, I thought I'd repost the episode recaps here. They are ridiculously detailed, and therefore hugely spoilery. Here's season oneCollapse )
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Title: This Is Wonderland
Fandom: This Is Wonderland
Pairing/Rating: Alice/Nancy and team gen, G.
Length: 4:08
Spoilers: Season one.
Vidder's Notes: For my fandom of three: you know who you are. The song is the inevitable Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright, and I'll lay money that this is the best vid in the fandom.

Summary: Alice's job is really damn depressing. Fortunately, there are compensations.

Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9lmjl3 (43 MB)

iMeem: http://queenzulu.imeem.com/video/GrgsPMLU/this_is_wonderland/

( Embedded at my journal )
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Title: The Tao Of Nancy
Fandom: This Is Wonderland/due South. Oh, yeah, like you haven't thought about it!
Characters/Rating: Nancy/Alice, Fraser/RayK. PG.
Length: 6261 words
Spoilers: Up to 3x08 for TiW and post-CotW for dS.
Author's Notes: Thinking I needed but one or two new icons, I said to daemonluna in all innocence: "I will write you a thousand words for every icon you make me!" Three hours, seven hundred screencaps, and much laughter later, I had six new icons and big commitment. "Hee, little does daemonluna know," said I, "that now's my chance to write all those plotbunnies that she's been stuffing my head with since this series began! Bwahahaha! The victory is mine!" So, for the pimpiest pimp that ever pimped, here's a little something I whipped up one day. Even if the show is dead, it will live on in the, like, eight fanfics written in its honour. I love my dead gay show! P.S. Unbetaed, and I've never written due South before, so concrit is, as always, welcome. Crossposted to my journal.

Summary: A purse snatcher accuses an off-duty R.C.M.P. officer of police misconduct. A judge debates recusing himself from a trial that hits too close to home. A day in bail court leads to some unexpected consequences.

The Tao Of NancyCollapse )
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I sent CBC a feedback message about their cancelling of TiW. It reads as follows:

I would like to make known my dissatisfaction with the CBC decision to cancel 'This Is Wonderland'.
I find it a very amusing show; the characters and the storylines are unique and interesting to me. I watch it more often than I watch the Royal Canadian Air Farce.
I understand that low audience is a key factor in determining the longevity of a show's run, and that 'This is Wonderland' just doesn't have that. However, the loss of this show will decrease my enjoyment of CBC's offered line of shows.

I have no expectation that this will force CBC to keep TiW going. I just wanted it known.

If you'd like to comment, there is a button on the left sidebar of CBC.ca called 'Contact Us'.

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They're cutting us off!

They're cancelling our show!

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